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Visualizing Data Fluency

The real question that’s plagued the world has never been “Should I visualize the data?” it’s always been “How should I visualize the data?” Because it’s not that people don’t want to see things visually it’s a matter of how … Continue reading

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Visualizing Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics with Aster I recently stumbled upon Teradata’s Aster and I’m pretty fired up. It turns out there is an entire community dedicated to helping data visualization people like myself learn how to implement advanced analytic functions. The site … Continue reading

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Crawl. Walk. Run. Fly?

In 30 years as a parent I can tell you I’ve had many memorable moments with my 2 amazing daughters. As humans, most of our memorable moments around babies involve movement. Let’s face it as cute as they are it … Continue reading

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Light Dawns on Marblehead

I recently had the opportunity to demonstrate Qlik Sense for the Director of a large health system’s Revenue Cycle team. The consultant who recommended us spoke with me ahead of time and we got along great. “This guy has been … Continue reading

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Visualizing Length of Stay

What do the numbers 3.53, 17.6 and 4 all have in common?  They are completely useless when displayed by themselves because they have no context.   Length of Stay is a vastly important metric in health care and here is the most … Continue reading

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Visualizing the Story

“It was the best of times, It was the worst of times, It was the age of wisdom, It was the age of foolishness …” These are the unforgettable opening lines to Charles Dickens’ classic “A Tale of Two Cities.” … Continue reading

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